Top Tennis Games For PlayStation – Must-Plays!

Tennis video games have a long history, and PlayStation owners are in luck when it comes to quality options. Whether you’re a casual fan or a tennis enthusiast, there are several top-notch tennis games available that provide immersive gameplay and iconic courts. In this article, we’ll explore the must-play tennis games for PlayStation, ensuring you find the perfect game to satisfy your love for the sport.

Key Takeaways

  • PlayStation offers a variety of tennis games for all types of players.
  • From realistic simulations to arcade-style gameplay, there’s something for everyone.
  • AO Tennis 2 stands out as the top choice due to its realism and customizable options.
  • Other games like Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Matchpoint, and Tennis World Tour II also provide enjoyable tennis experiences.
  • Future advancements in technology and the release of new consoles will likely lead to even more immersive tennis gameplay.

AO Tennis

AO Tennis is a popular tennis game available on PlayStation. It offers realistic gameplay and is significantly cheaper than its sequel, AO Tennis 2. While it may not have as many licensed players or updated graphics, AO Tennis still provides an enjoyable tennis experience. Players can download additional content to update the game and access different stadiums. However, the doubles and volleying mechanics in AO Tennis could use some improvement.

Here is some key information about AO Tennis:

Game Features Pros Cons
Realistic gameplay – Immersive tennis experience
– Affordable price
– Limited licensed players
– Outdated graphics
Additional downloadable content – Access to different stadiums – Doubles and volleying mechanics need improvement

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is a unique tennis game that combines realism with arcade-style gameplay. Players can choose between singles and doubles matches and enjoy different levels of play. While it may not appeal to tennis purists, the game offers a variety of sports games, including table tennis. Casual tennis fans will appreciate the over-the-top animations and the ability to play with friends locally.

Take a break from the traditional tennis game experience and dive into the energetic world of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on your PlayStation. This game seamlessly blends the authentic feel of tennis with vibrant visuals and immersive gameplay.

Choose from a range of exciting matches, from intense singles battles to exhilarating doubles competitions. With different levels of play available, you can challenge yourself or enjoy a more casual gaming experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games offers something for everyone.

The game caters to casual tennis fans with its over-the-top animations, making every match a visually spectacular experience. You’ll be amazed as your player dives for incredible shots and executes jaw-dropping smashes. The vibrant graphics and attention to detail transport you to the heart of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

One of the standout features of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is the inclusion of various sports games, including table tennis. This adds variety to your gaming sessions and ensures you’ll never get bored. Switch things up and venture into other Olympic sports while still enjoying the thrill of a tennis game.

Furthermore, Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games offers local multiplayer functionality, allowing you to have a blast with your friends and family. Gather around the console, grab your controllers, and engage in friendly competitions, creating unforgettable gaming moments together.

Experience the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on your PlayStation and unleash your inner athlete. Immerse yourself in the world of vibrant sports, including tennis, and enjoy thrilling matches that captivate both casual and avid gaming enthusiasts.

So grab your controller, step onto the virtual court, and get ready to serve, volley, and smash your way to victory!

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Continue the excitement with the next section where we explore another top tennis game for PlayStation – Matchpoint.


Matchpoint is a recent tennis game release available on PS4 and PS5. Developed by an independent team, it offers smooth gameplay and a realistic feel. Players can immerse themselves in the thrilling world of tennis with Matchpoint’s seamless controls and engaging graphics.

One of the standout features of Matchpoint is its attention to detail. From player animations to court surfaces, the game captures the essence of a real tennis match. However, some players have noted that the lack of unforced errors takes away from the realism.

While Matchpoint’s career mode may be limited, the game makes up for it with its online matchplay. Compete against other players from around the world and test your skills on the virtual tennis court. The multiplayer aspect provides a solid challenge and keeps the gameplay experience fresh and exciting.

Overall, Matchpoint is a good option for players looking for smooth gameplay and multiplayer action on PlayStation. It delivers a realistic tennis experience and offers hours of entertainment for both casual players and tennis enthusiasts.


  • Smooth gameplay and realistic feel
  • Engaging graphics and player animations
  • Exciting multiplayer online matchplay


  • Limited career mode
  • Lack of unforced errors reduces realism

Experience the thrill of virtual tennis with Matchpoint, available on PlayStation.

Matchpoint game

Tennis World Tour II: Complete Edition

Tennis World Tour II: Complete Edition is an improved version of the original Tennis World Tour game. With better graphics, gameplay, and added players, it offers a more realistic tennis experience. The game is available on PS4 and PS5, and the PS5 version showcases the console’s capabilities with enhanced graphics. However, some shots in the game may come off as unrealistic, and there is a learning curve for new players.

Tennis World Tour II: Complete Edition

Enhanced Features and Realistic Gameplay

The Tennis World Tour II: Complete Edition takes the tennis gaming experience to new heights with various enhancements. From improved graphics to refined gameplay mechanics, players can immerse themselves in a realistic virtual tennis world. The graphics on the PS5 version of the game are particularly impressive, showcasing the console’s capabilities.

Expanded Roster of Players

The game offers an expanded roster of players, including top professionals from the tennis world. Players can choose their favorite tennis stars and compete against others in thrilling matches. With the variety of players available, each match brings a unique challenge and strategy, adding to the overall excitement of the game.

Unrealistic Shots and Learning Curve

While Tennis World Tour II: Complete Edition offers an immersive tennis experience, some shots in the game may seem unrealistic to avid tennis fans. It’s important to note that the game aims to strike a balance between realism and entertaining gameplay. Additionally, new players may encounter a learning curve in mastering the game’s mechanics and strategies, but with practice, they can improve their skills and enjoy the game to the fullest.

AO Tennis 2

AO Tennis 2 is an enhanced version of the original AO Tennis game, designed specifically for PlayStation. Developed by an Australian team, this tennis game delivers a realistic and immersive experience for tennis enthusiasts. With the Australian Open license, players can step into the shoes of their favorite tennis stars, including legends like Roger Federer and Angelique Kerber.

One of the standout features of AO Tennis 2 is the ability to customize players and courts using downloadable content. This feature allows players to recreate their favorite tennis stars and local courts, adding a personalized touch to the game. While the game offers a comprehensive and authentic tennis experience, there are a couple of areas that could be improved.

The loading times in AO Tennis 2 can sometimes be on the longer side, which can be a minor inconvenience for players eager to jump into the action. Additionally, some players have criticized the volleying mechanics, suggesting that it could use some refinement to enhance the gameplay experience further. Despite these minor drawbacks, AO Tennis 2 remains a top choice for tennis fans looking for a realistic and immersive tennis game on PlayStation.

“AO Tennis 2 offers an authentic tennis experience with its realistic gameplay and licensed players. The ability to customize players and courts adds a personal touch to the game.” – Tennis Enthusiast

AO Tennis 2

Key Features of AO Tennis 2:

  • Realistic gameplay that captures the intensity and precision of tennis matches.
  • Includes the Australian Open license, featuring top players like Roger Federer and Angelique Kerber.
  • Downloadable content for player and court customization.

In summary, AO Tennis 2 offers tennis fans an immersive and realistic gaming experience on PlayStation. With its licensed players and customizable features, players can truly feel like they are part of the action. While there is room for improvement in loading times and volleying mechanics, AO Tennis 2 remains a must-have for any tennis game enthusiast.

What’s Next for Tennis Games?

Despite the availability of tennis games for the PS4 and PS5, there are still limited options when compared to other popular sports games. Tennis video games have not received as much attention from big game developers, possibly due to lower sales figures. However, tennis game enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating a breakthrough tennis game on the PS5, with developers harnessing the console’s capabilities to deliver an exceptional gaming experience.

While there are currently solid options available, there is still significant room for improvement in terms of licensing, realism, and game modes in tennis video games. Players crave titles that offer a more extensive roster of professional players, accurate representation of real-life tournaments, and enhanced gameplay mechanics.

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Additionally, fans are eager for developers to leverage the potential of the PS5 to deliver stunning graphics and immersive gameplay. The new console’s increased processing power and capabilities can elevate the tennis gaming experience to new heights, offering better physics, more realistic player animations, and breathtaking visuals.

Developers and Publishers Stepping Up:

Fortunately, there are signs that the tennis gaming landscape is evolving. Big game developers and publishers are beginning to recognize the demand for high-quality tennis games and are taking steps to meet player expectations.

“We understand the passion and interest that tennis fans have for video games, and we’re committed to creating an exceptional tennis gaming experience that lives up to their expectations.”
– Senior Game Developer at a Leading Game Studio

These developments indicate a promising future for tennis games. With a growing player base and increased demand, developers are likely to invest more time and resources into creating innovative and immersive tennis games for the PS5.

Anticipated Improvements:

As developers continue to push the boundaries of tennis games, we can expect several key improvements that will elevate the overall experience:

  • Enhanced Realism: Improved physics, ball movement, and player animations will heighten the realism, making players feel like they are on the court.
  • Expanded Rosters: More licensed players, both current and past, will be included, offering a wider range of options and enhancing the authenticity of the game.
  • Updated Tournaments: Accurate representations of tournaments, including all four Grand Slams, will provide players with a more immersive and true-to-life experience.
  • Advanced Graphics: The power of the PS5 will allow for stunning visuals, realistic lighting, and lifelike player models, creating a visually striking and engaging gameplay experience.

With these anticipated improvements, the future of tennis games on the PS5 holds great promise for both casual players and tennis enthusiasts.

tennis games on PS5

Tennis Game Expected Features
Real Tennis 2022
  • Realistic gameplay and physics
  • Extensive player roster
  • Authentic representation of tournaments
  • Improved graphics
Virtual Ace
  • Innovative control schemes for immersive gameplay
  • Online multiplayer tournaments
  • Updated and accurate tennis gear customization
  • Realistic crowd reactions and atmosphere
Pro Tour 2023
  • Expanded career mode with in-depth player progression
  • Detailed player customization options
  • Dynamic weather conditions impacting gameplay
  • Advanced AI for challenging computer opponents

Best Tennis Games on Other Platforms

Tennis games are not limited to PlayStation. There are also tennis games available on other platforms such as Xbox, VR, PC, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii, and mobile devices. Each platform offers different tennis games with unique features and gameplay experiences. Players can choose the platform that suits their preferences and gaming setup to enjoy the best tennis games available.

When it comes to tennis games on Xbox, players have access to popular titles such as Top Spin 4 and Virtua Tennis 4. These games offer realistic gameplay and a wide range of players to choose from.

For those looking for a more immersive experience, tennis games in virtual reality (VR) provide an exciting option. Games like Tennis VR and VR Ping Pong Pro allow players to step into the virtual court and engage in realistic tennis matches.

PC gamers can enjoy tennis games like Tennis Elbow 2013 and AO International Tennis. These games offer realistic gameplay and the ability to compete against players from around the world online.

Nintendo Switch owners can get their tennis fix with games like Mario Tennis Aces and AO International Tennis (available in the portable mode). These games provide a fun and accessible tennis experience for players of all ages.

For those who prefer the nostalgic charm of the Nintendo Wii, titles like Wii Sports Tennis and Grand Slam Tennis offer a more casual but enjoyable tennis experience.

Mobile gamers can also join in on the tennis action with games like Stick Tennis and Tennis Clash. These games allow players to compete in quick matches on their smartphones or tablets, making it convenient for on-the-go gaming.

“Playing tennis games on different platforms offers a variety of experiences, from realistic simulations to more casual and accessible gameplay. Whether you prefer the precision of console gaming, the immersion of virtual reality, or the convenience of mobile gaming, there’s a tennis game for every player.”

Platform Popular Tennis Games
Xbox Top Spin 4, Virtua Tennis 4
VR Tennis VR, VR Ping Pong Pro
PC Tennis Elbow 2013, AO International Tennis
Nintendo Switch Mario Tennis Aces, AO International Tennis
Nintendo Wii Wii Sports Tennis, Grand Slam Tennis
Mobile Stick Tennis, Tennis Clash


In conclusion, PlayStation offers a diverse selection of tennis games for players to enjoy on their consoles. Whether you prefer the realism of simulations or the fun and excitement of arcade-style gameplay, there is a tennis game to suit everyone’s taste.

Among the options available, AO Tennis 2 emerges as the top choice for PlayStation owners. With its lifelike graphics, licensed players, and customizable features, AO Tennis 2 delivers an immersive and authentic tennis experience.

However, other games such as Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Matchpoint, and Tennis World Tour II also provide enjoyable tennis experiences on the PlayStation platform. Each game offers its unique gameplay mechanics, visuals, and game modes, catering to different preferences.

With the continuous advancements in technology and the release of new consoles like the PlayStation 5 (PS5), the future of tennis games on PlayStation looks promising. Players can anticipate even more realistic graphics, improved gameplay mechanics, and enhanced features, making the tennis gaming experience more immersive and engaging than ever before.


Q: What are some of the top tennis games available for PlayStation?

A: Some of the top tennis games for PlayStation include Tennis World Tour 2, Timber Tennis, and Matchpoint – Tennis Championships.

Q: Can I play tennis games in VR on PlayStation?

A: Yes, PlayStation offers VR capabilities for some tennis games, allowing players to immerse themselves in the virtual tennis world.

Q: Are there any tennis games available for the new PS5 console?

A: Yes, there are tennis games available for the PS5, such as Tennis World Tour 2, which takes advantage of the new console’s capabilities.

Q: What are some key features to look for in a tennis game for PlayStation?

A: When choosing a tennis game for PlayStation, look for features such as realistic racket and ball physics, online play, and the ability to play as top tennis players.

Q: Can I play as real-life tennis stars in PlayStation tennis games?

A: Yes, many tennis games for PlayStation feature the biggest stars in tennis, allowing players to compete as their favorite athletes.

Q: Are there any tennis simulation games available for PlayStation?

A: Yes, Tennis World Tour 2 and other titles offer realistic tennis simulation experiences for PlayStation players.

Q: What are some of the different shots used in modern tennis games on PlayStation?

A: Modern tennis games on PlayStation feature a variety of shots, including forehand, backhand, volleys, and serves.

Q: Can I manage a tennis team or player in any PlayStation tennis games?

A: Yes, some tennis games for PlayStation feature staff management elements, allowing players to take on the role of a coach or manager.

Q: Are there any tennis games for PlayStation that offer motion capture technology?

A: Yes, some tennis games use motion capture to create authentic player movements and animations for a realistic gaming experience.

Q: What are some of the popular tennis games available for PlayStation 4?

A: Tennis World Tour 2, Timber Tennis, and Matchpoint – Tennis Championships are popular tennis games available for PlayStation 4.

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